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Windshield Removal Tool Kit - Plus with Stripper

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GT Tools(TM) Plus auto glass tool kit is another great opportunity to save on items an auto glass specialist will most likely buy in the future. This package includes tools that will increase the efficiency and productivity of the time spent on the job. In addition to the basic kit items, GT Tools(TM) has added the GT.44, a reciprocating auto glass cut out tool built on a powerful Lithium Ion 5Ah Battery for long tool use between charges. The kit also includes GT’s KONG(TM) wire and cord cutting system which are perfect for removing windshields from non-molding vehicles without damaging the body.

GT Tools(TM) Stripper™ Wire and Cord Auto Glass Cutting System
The Stripper(TM) was designed on the principles of making it easier on the specialist to cut out auto glass while reducing the potential damage impacting the vehicle. The Stripper(TM) uses GT Tools(TM) standard steel wire or our proprietary ZipLine(TM) and Gorilla Cord(TM) reusable cutting cords while incorporating our unique pulley system which allows for the fastest removal times. The Stripper(TM) winding hub design has a small diameter for maximum torque when cutting. This system also includes a handle adapter that allows the StripperTM to be used in tight areas such as quarter glass. There is not a more versatile wire and cord cutting system on the market today. Reduce unnecessary damage caused from standard blades and knives. Perfect for vehicles with limited or no molding. Cars are changing, keep up with those changes using the right tool for the job.


1 AGRKDW380 GT .44 20V LI Cut Out Tool
1 AGCGD-20V-LI Dewalt 20V LI Urethane Gun
1 AGPK-A-L Cold Knife Long Handle
1 AGPKBGT-.75IN GT ToolsTM Cold Knife Blades .75” 5 Pk
1 AGPKBGT-.1IN GT ToolsTM Cold Knife Blades 1” 5 Pk
1 AGPKBGT-1.5IN GT ToolsTM Cold Knife Blades 1.5” 5 Pk
1 AGLKA-18 18” Long Knife
1 AGHPS Hook Pick Set
1 AGRT Rope Insertion Tool
1 RGT1 Rubber Gasket Tool
1 RGT2 Rubber Gasket Tool Ball End
1 AGMRT Rear View Mirror Removal Tool
1 AGFMRT Ford Rear View Mirror Removal Tool
1 AGMR1 Molding Release Tool Double End
1 AGMR2 Molding Release Tool Double Direction
1 AGMR3 Molding Release Tool
1 AGWT1 Wiper Removal Tool
1 AGLST Locking Strip Tool
1 AGPWS-RZR Pinchweld Razor Scraper
1 AGPWSB-RZR-.5 Pinchweld Razor .50” 10 Pack
1 AGPWSB-RZR-.625 Pinchweld Razor .625” 10 Pack
1 AGPWSB-RZR-.75 Pinchweld Razor .75” 10 Pack
1 HT1 Narrow Nose Hook Tool
1 AGS Auto Glass Stand
1 PRT5 Panel Removal Tool Set
1 DCT5 Door Panel Removal Tool Set
2 AGCS Chisel Sticks
1 AGWCS StripperTM


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