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Auto Glass Replacement

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Windshield Removal Tool Kit - Standard

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GT Tools(TM) Standard auto glass tool kit is an upgrade from the Basic kit including the GT.45 18 volt reciprocating cut out tool. This kit includes all the essential items needed with the added benefit of the GT.45 making any specialist more productive. Another added benefit is both the Dewalt(TM) power caulking gun and GT.45 operate on the same 18 volt power supply, so batteries are interchangeable. No need to keep track of multiple batteries!

1 AGLKA-18 (18“ Long Knife)
1 AGHPS (Hook Pick Set)
1 AGRT (Rope Insertion Tool)
1 AGPK-A-L (Cold Knife Long Handle)
1 RGT2 (Rubber Gasket Tool)
1 AGMRT (Rear View Mirror Removal Tool)
1 AGFMRT (Ford Rear View Mirror Removal Tool)
1 AGMR1 (Molding Release Tool Double End)
1 AGMR2 (Molding Release Tool Double Direction)
1 AGMR3 (Molding Release Tool)
1 AGWT1 (Wiper Removal Tool)
1 AGPWS-RZR (Pinchweld Razor Scraper)
1 AGPWSB-RZR-.5 (Pinchweld Razor .50” 10 Pk)
1 AGPWSB-RZR-.625 (Pinchweld Razor .625” 10 Pk)
1 AGPWSB-RZR-.75 (Pinchweld Razor .75” 10 Pk)
1 AGLST (Locking Strip Tool)
1 RGT1 (Rubber Gasket Tool)
1 HT1 (Narrow Nose Hook Tool)
1 AGPKB-.75IN (.75” Cold Knife Blades 5 Pk)
1 AGPKB-.1IN (1” Cold Knife Blades 5 Pk)
1 AGPKB-.1.5IN (1.5” Cold Knife Blades 5 Pk)
1 AGS (Auto Glass Rack)
1 AGCG-18V (Dewalt Urethane Gun)
1 AGRKDW385 (GT .45 18V Cut Out Tool)
1 GTAPRON (GT Apron)
2 AGCS (Chisel Sticks)

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