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Auto Glass Tool Categories

GT Tools auto glass equipment consists of both electric and hand operated tools for the removal of all lines of automotive windshields. With over 560 auto glass replacement items we have the tools and supplies the auto glass Pro needs to get the job done right.



Auto Glass Replacement Tool Kits

AGK-STANGT Tools auto glass replacement kits come in four configurations offerings to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Pick from our Basic, Standard, Plus and Premium Replacement Kits. These kits are all focused on providing the right tools to get the job do from start to finish. These packages are a great option for a new technician get started or replacing an old or outdated set of tools. If your considering buying multiple GT power and hand tools individually save money and time by finding one of these four options to fit your needs. To take a look at these kits closer visit our store here.


Reciprocating Tools and Blades

GT Tools power auto glass cut out tools offer an efficient and effective way to cut the urethane that holds the glass to the body of the vehicle. The power knives have been an industry standard for over 20 years and continue to be a important component of almost every auto glass technicians tool box. Choose of Glass Technology variety of options including the GT.357, GT.44 and GT.45 as well as the Diablo. These tools offer an efficient and effective cut out process in many power options and use industry standard blade designs that allow for an efficient and effective controlled cut. GT Tools blades are offered in our smooth standard design as well as our H2 serrated/groove blades design which offer more efficient cutting. Get your today!


 Oscillating Tools and Blades

OSILLATING-TOOLS-AND-BLADESGT's oscillating auto glass cut out tools have played a major part in the auto glass industry. GT Tools offer a large selection of oscillating auto glass cut out blades and tools in 110v, battery power and pneumatic. Choose from a series world renowned products including Fein(TM) power tools, a leader in the industry with unparalleled warranty standards. These auto glass products are ideal for vehicles with tight tolerances as well as side and rear vehicle glass. Speak with a Glass Technology associate at (970) 247 9374 or select the products you need here!


 Wire and Cord Tools

WIRECORDTOOLS3GT Tools has invested extensively in the R&D of alternative auto glass cut out methods. The results have paid off with the introduction of the KONG and Stripper cord and wire auto glass cut out tools. These products are exclusively manufactured by Glass Technology Inc. and are becoming the number one choice tools for alternative auto glass cut out tools. These products are built off a less invasive principles for cut the glass that will not damage the body of the vehicle. This is important because many new model vehicle are now being produce with tighter tolerances that when using standard auto glass cut out methods would result in vehicle damage and potential body and frame deterioration. Check out these tools here. 


Pinch weld, Gasket and Cold Knife Tools

PINCHWELDGASKETWIPERTOOLSIn order to remove and install auto glass it is necessary to have the appropriate hand tools available for everything from removing wiper blades, cowlings, moldings, clips, pull knives etc.. These tools are vital to a technicians efficiency during the auto glass removal process. In addition to this it is equally important to prepare the vehicle for a new piece of glass using pinch weld prep tools that remove excess urethane from the body allowing for the correct fit. GT Tools has all the necessary hand tools available for every part of the removal and prep process. Take a look at these products under the pinchweld/gasket tools section as well as the cold knife tools/blades and wiper and panel removal categories.


Caulking Guns, Moldings and Tapes

CAULKINGMOLDINGSTAPESGlass Technology Inc. offers many options of caulking gun options for auto glass replacement. With the many different weather climates affecting the viscosity of urethane the demand for quality caulking guns is a necessity in the auto glass industry. Choose from our full line of products including Milwaukee TM, Dewalt TM, PowerPush TM and others. In addition GT Tools has a wide selection of auto glass moldings, butyl tapes, foam dams that are essential components for auto glass installation. View our caulking guns and moldings here.



Suction Cups and Installation Devices

INSTALLATIONDEVICESSUCTIONCUPGT Tools has incorporated a array of products that assist in the installation of auto glass. Choose from a selection of different sized and shaped glass suction cups. These cups are design to assist in the transportation and installation of curved and flat glass surfaces at varying weights. In addition to suction cups Glass Technology also provides installations device and tools for auto glass. These products assist great in allowing single person auto glass setting rather than dual person setting. View our suction cups and setting devices here.