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Auto Glass FAQ's

What is the most popular cordless caulking gun ?

The Milwaukee 18 volt

Why not use a hand caulking gun?

It is almost impossible to do a quality and timely install using currect urethanes with a hand held caulking gun, esspecially in cold weather.

What is your most popular power cut out tool for the bottom of the windshield?

The GT tools .45 sheath cut out tool.

Why can't I use a old fashion pull knife for all cut-outs?

Many new windshields are installed with no moulding and very close tolerances to the pinchweld, thereby making it extremely difficult to not nick the paint around the windshield. More advanced tools are needed. see wire/cord cut out tools

How can I learn to properly install auto glass?

Glass Technology offers auto glass replacement training.

Why do I need so many tools?

Auto glass replacement is a highly skilled trade with so many different models of cars and so many different windshield removal techniques and installation skills needed to do a good job.