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The Glass Scratch Removal Market

Glass Scratch Removal

This  service/solution has benefited the glass industry by saving suppplier, distributors, contractors and property maintainence companies thousands by offering an alternative to replacement. The established real estate in the U.S. alone continues to be plagued with costly glass scratching and acid etching damage. Currently this unsaterated market has limitless possiblities.

Market PotentialPenguins

Because the glass scratch removal service is such a new service there is little to no competition for businesses who provide this solution in their local markets. For this reason, glass scratch and graffiti removal is a very attractive add-on for many businesses attached to the architectual flat glass industry. This service has been stirring up much media attention, as seen on this YouTube video from a local news story. Applications for glass scratch removal include: architectural glass, auto glass, windows, glass furniture, new construction, graffiti removal, buses, subway trains and tempered glass. You can make thousands of dollars by incorporating this service into your business while at the same time helping the environment and saving money for your customers. Many of our customers report charging $200 or more per hour for this unique service. Often, an entire building's windows are damaged due to vandalism or just to the carelessness of a builder or their subcontractors. Many service providers charge up to 50% of the replacement cost of the damaged glass.

Corporate Responsibility

Glass Technology, Inc., along with a growing number of companies worldwide, recognizes that we need to be responsible with our resources. We also recognize the need to educate each other about ways that we can all contribute to the growing effort to help slow the effects of global climate change. We believe that small companies, just as much as large corporations, can have a significant impact on this global problem. Waiting on any government to take action could be a long wait. Therefore, we promote the benefits of restoring damaged glass rather than simply discarding and replacing it.

Restoration Businesses Make a Difference

In the restoration business, we have a unique opportunity to restore materials rather than replace them, there by conserving resources and energy. Educating people and our business partners about these benefits is part of our company's effort to make a difference.