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Diamond Clear Glass Renewal Treatment

Sales price: $30.00

Over-the-counter products just not working? Try this today, easy and fast and it works.  Brighten up that shower door with Glass Renue, Glass Technology's glass renewal treatment. Removes hard water stains and mineral deposits from glass surfaces including shower doors and windows. Also removes hard water stains from glass caused by exterior sprinkler systems. Removes light scratches also, includes a hydrophobic nano coating protectant providing months of crystal clear protection. Power drill required for operation.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

This is the only product I have found that will actually remove hard water scale from clear glass. It will take some time and effort and it is a little messy, but it actually works. You are not going to wash hard water spots off your shower glass with some cleanser, despite some of the claims. I tried several and you can remove scum type residue, but not the scale. Get this kit and you can safely grind off the scale without damaging the surface of the glass. GT Glass customer service has also been friendly and helpful with every contact I have made.

Don Perkins
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