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Glass Polishing Kit

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Glass Technology's glass polishing kit removes minor glass blemishes and surfaces scratches while restoring the original shine to the surface.   This kit is ideal for any do-it-yourselfer looking to repair minor blemishes or surface scratching that can't be felt with your finger nail. Also works great to restore the shine to any window that may have a dull finish.  Power drill that spins at 1500 rpm recommended. Can be applied by hand. 


1/2 lb of Diamond Fast Powder1-5" felt pad1-5" backing pad1 spindle adapter.
Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Just bought a truck that had been used in the California vineyards. The fine dust had gotten into the window scraper rubber of the doors. The driver side window, was VERY cloudy top to bottom and the passenger side was almost as bad. After some taping, which I did not do enough of, about a teaspoon of diamond powder and 20 minutes of trying to control the drill, the window was crystal clear. The whole widow was sparkling. After cleaning the splash off the entire truck, told you I didn't tape enough, I had a small amount left over. Not wanting to tape, or wash the truck again, I decided to try just using the felt pad by hand, without the drill, with the leftover diamond paste. Another 25 minutes, just using the pad and paste and the passenger window was just as clear! Right now I am looking for other scratches to fix..... Love this stuff! CLEAN YOUR RUBBER SCRAPERS AFTER USING THIS!

Garry Towns
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