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Headlight Restoration & Repair

Headlight Restoration

Over the past several decades the use of plastics has permeated into the manufacturing of automotive headlight lenses. With this conversion, the need became apparent to create a headlight repair & restoration kit which would polish headlights and restore other acrylic surfaces to like new condition.

The ability to repair a headlight lens is the result of several years research and development with the end result being the Diamond Clear Headlight Lens Restoration kit and our Diamond Clear acrlylic polish. This combination of polishing compound and special applicators has created an efficient means of restoring all types of acrylic to a virtually 100% restored state. The restoration is completed within minutes; resulting not only in a superior repair, but also large profits for the service provider.


Headlight Lens Repair

Over a period of time, effects of the sun's harmful UV rays, weather, and road debris will degrade the look and function of your acrylic headlight lenses. These forces can result in a headlight which looks poor in appearance and loses its most important function; the ability to illuminate. Glass Technology Inc. has developed a system which restores both the appearance and safety of headlight lenses to their original factory like condition, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

In a matter of minutes, the simple to use Glass Technology Headlight Lens Restoration System will restore heavy scratches, smooth pitted surfaces, and polish the hazing and opaque appearance of headlamp lenses back to clarity. The average time to complete the restoration is 10 minutes or less and will result in a sale of at least $40.00. This unique two step process, utilizing our specially formulated sub-micron polishing paste and padded polishing applicators, will give you the results and the profits you have come to expect from the glass and plastic restoration specialists at Glass Technology. You will not only improve the value of the restored product but also will increase your value as a Restoration Specialist.

Boats, Motorcyles and Other Acrylic Products

In addition to restoring headlamps to near factory condition, the Diamond Clear Acrylic Pro system is equal to the task of restoring the crazing on aviation windows, motorcycle windshields, marine window, aquariums, and many other applications. The kit can completely restore most aircraft windows (even severely crazed windows), thus saving thousands of dollars. Glass Technology offers free training with the purchase of our professional acrylic polishing system.

Restore clarity to yellowed and foggy headlight lenses and other plastic surfaces with our Do-it-Yourself kit, which works on automobiles, boat windows, vinyl windows, acrylic skylights, motorcycle windshields, aquariums, and etc. Acrylic restoration also improves night driving safety, so order one  today! If you are looking for a quick and easy way to polish your headlight lenses, at only $34, click here to order...... Diamond Clear Restoration DIY Kit, drill required.