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How Headlight Restoration Works

Headlight Restoration

Over a period of time, the natural elements, the sun's harmful UV rays, weather phenomena, and road debris will degrade the look and function of your Plexiglass, Polycarbonate Lexan, and plastic headlamps or other related products. These forces can result in headlight lenses which are unattractive and which lose their most important function: the ability to i­lluminate. Glass Technology has developed a polishing system which restores both the appearance and the safety of headlight systems to their original factory-like condition at a fraction of the cost of replacement lenses.

Fast, Simple, and Profitable

In a matter of minutes, the simple-to-use Glass Technology Diamond Clear Headlight Lens Restoration System will restore heavily scratched and/or smoothly pitted surfaces, and will remove the hazing and opaque appearance of headlamps or other plastic surfaces. The average time to complete the lens polishing restoration is ten minutes or less and the process will result in a sale of at least $70.00. This unique two-step process, utilizing our specially-formulated Diamond Clear sub-micron polish solution and padded polishing applicator, will give you the results and the profits you have come to expect from the glass and plastic restoration specialists at Glass Technology. You will not only improve the value of the restored product; you will also increase your value as a Restoration Specialist.

Other Applications

In addition to restoring headlamp systems to near factory condition, The Diamond Clear System is equal to the task of restoring the crazing on aviation windows as well as restoring or polishing motorcycle windscreens, marine windows, aquariums, hockey rink enclosures, and many other applications.

When things get Foggy, think Clear with the Diamond Clear Headlight Lens Restoration System by Glass Technology