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The Headlight Restoration Market

Headlight Restoration Market

Most vehicles manufactured after the early 1990s are equipped with acrylic rather than glass headlight lenses. This trend from glass lenses to acrylic lenses has allowed vehicle designers more flexibility in creating gas-efficient vehicles because they can better utilize aerodynamic design principles. The problem with this transition, however, is that, unlike glass, acrylic lenses fade, yellow, and discolor over a period of time due primarily to constant exposure to the sun's UV radiation. Other factors such as road debris and chemicals also cause new plastic lenses to deteriorate both in appearance and, more importantly, in function over time.

The Market

With over 62 million operating cars on the road and most of them being manufactured after the early 1990's, the market potential for headlight repair is significant. Many motor vehcile state departments are starting to measure headlight luminousity during inspections. This new service will play a large roll in both the commercial and consumer automotive markets as the average replaced headlight cost approximately $350.00 USD.