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How windshield repair works

Ferrari getting windshield fixed

The SpectrumTM and ­MaximTM windshield repair kits are the most innovative improvement over traditional methods of windshield repair. Using our Patent PRISMTMtechnology a techn­ician can now repair a chip in a fraction of the time of the traditional processes while increasing the quality, clarity and relia­bility to the customer under BSI, ROLAGS, ANSI standards. Glass Technology realizes your repair quality and safety are top priority in the auto glass industry, that is why all our Diamond Clear Resin were tested and passed BSI standards. Also using Patented  Bluwave UV LED curing

Spectrum DiagramTraditional Methods

The traditional methods used by most manufacturers rely on a vacuum principle that extracts the air through the resin that is placed on the damaged area before a vacuum is applied. Placing the resin into the damage before the vacuum cycle is less efficient because the air is required to move through the barrier of resin in order to be extracted from the break. This older method not only reduces the amount of trapped air that can be extracted, but also increases the repair time because a stronger vacuum and or more vacuum cycles must be applied in order to have an effective result. One company still using only a pressure cycle to try to "force" the resin into the damage area. This method was first used in the 1970's and apparently some still think this is leading edge technology.

PRISM, Why it works

See cutaway cross-section on right. This ­PRISMTM technology utilizes what many technicians are calling a DRY VACUUM process, which allows the air to be extracted from the break during the vacuum cycle before the resin is applied to the surface of the glass. The Spectrum hold the resin in a seperate side chamber while the first dry vacuum is applied. The result is a highly effective vacuum cycle that has a direct air-to-air exchange with the break, allowing for trapped air to be removed easier and faster. If you are not using this technology you are more then likely not consistently doing the best repairs possible. Using anything other then a dry vacuum can produce inferior results.

Superior Technology, Superior Support

The SpectrumTM and MaximTM injectors are backed with a lifetime warranty and support. All injectors are manufactured to strict specifications using high quality stainless steel raw materials, not aluminum or plastic, which reacts adversely with most windshield repair resins. With Glass Technology expect the BEST you should too.