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Glass Technology's Scratch Hog is becoming a major player to combat graffiti damage on the Las Vegas Strip.  Many Casino's and resorts are implementing policies to repair damage to exterior and interior windows in high traffic areas using the Scratch Hog.


The Scratch Hog Combats Damage in Las Vegas

The Scratch Hog plays a role in reducing extensive replacement cost to damage glass.  Sources from the casinos and resorts estimate that the average cost per piece of glass is approximately $10,000.00 to replace.  They have been able to reduce this replacement cost to as little as $50-$100 per piece in material cost by repairing. 

“We are excited with the possibilities of helping reduce wasted materials as well as high replacement cost to these major commercial areas.  We look forward to continuing our efforts in providing the tools, processes, and top notch training to this area.” says Ed Glazer, Account Specialist, Glass Technology.