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Glass Repair Business - Testimonials

One of my associates and I traveled to Glass Technology in Durango to buy a windshield repair kit and attend professional training on March 26th. It was a long day of traveling, starting at 4:00 A.M and finishing at 7:00 P.M. including travel time and the day of training. The long day considered; it was well worth the effort and expense. I am a veteran of the automotive repair business with over 25 years experience and a lot of hours logged in at training classes. I would recommend Joe’s training to anyone that wants to learn from a professional. From the first time I reviewed your website and the first phone call, my impression was that Glass Technology is a professional business. Ed treated me like I treat my customers, and the entire experience was one I will recommend whenever the opportunity arises. In summary, thank you Glass Technology for becoming a partner for us to better serve our clients.

Gabriel G.
Santa Fe, NM

I have been repairing windshields for 12 years for over 20,000 repairs. I have tried many different resins. I am a perfectionist when it comes to the quality of the repair. Strength of the repair is not just the only thing, but how the repair looks afterward is very important to my clients and therefore, me. I have always had a couple of places where I get resins, each having varying characteristics I prefer. Lately, there has been a push to "improve" these resins. I can't believe they would change and make the resins worse… Not only are they not as strong, but they have affected the cosmetic side of the repair too. So I went in search of something better. That is where you at Glass Technology came along. I tried your Diamond Clear resins and to my surprise… the quality, strength, and cosmetic side of the repairs I am getting is beyond my expectations. I am more than satisfied. Thank you Glass Technology!

Larry V.
South Carolina, USA

I went on the internet looking for stone chip windshield repair kits. I found Glass Technology, wrote down the number and Adam answered the call; he explained in detail about the kit I could purchase and I ordered the Spectrum System. The follow-up as to how I was doing was something I've never experienced. Adam called me about once per month to see how I was doing! The system works just super. Adam and the guys I've talked to about technical advice are the best I've ever dealt with—just super helpful people.

Don M.
Ontario, Canada

Hi, I have been doing windshield repair for about two years now and I have used several brands of resins. I had settled in on other companies and had good results with chips and such but just could not produce good results on longer cracks (12-18 inches). I was passing up a lot of work and so I gave your Diamond Clear resin a shot. WOW I was amazed the first time I used it. The customer was amazed—they were watching me do the entire repair, and simply could not believe it. I was convinced I had found my resin. Since that day, I have been using Glass Technology resin and I have had wonderful results. It is like I have a secret weapon over my competition. Now I can work on longer cracks with confidence that I will get the job done…thanks guys!

Tracy M.
North Carolina, USA

I want to thank Adam and all the folks at Glass Technology for all the help with this technical issue. Repair guys in the field need this kind of support and technical know how to keep business moving and repairing glass. There is never a time we can turn down a job because of our equipment, or someone else will be there to do the work. I don't think any company before has taken the time and interest in what I need in this regard, and I'm pleased to say thank you to Glass Technology for the exceptional customer service. The problem was solved because the GT guy never gave up on finding the solution to my technical problem. They are even replacing a part for me; now that's about perfect in my book! The video Skype session was the best for me to be able to see what I needed to do up close, and in person. No way would I ever change vendors from GT. Give them a try and you'll see what I mean. Best regards to you all!

New Mexico, USA

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how grateful I am for the referral you provided for a glass scratch removal technician. It was truly a great experience for us. We were hired to install some dusted crystal vinyl logos on our client's brand new conference room table. While our shop employees were installing the logos, they noticed many large, deep scratches on the top of the glass caused by the graphic mounting equipment. I charged our project manager with the task of finding a solution to this dilemma as we obviously could not deliver a damaged glass top to our customer. After calling around all morning, he was told the glass could not be restored. The consensus was: "if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it's too deep to repair." The repair would damage/distort the glass. After hearing this, I received replacement quotes in the $2200 range with a two week turnaround time. This was not an option, as the table was scheduled for delivery that day. I decided to search for other options and came across the Glass Technology forum. After contacting Glass Technology, I received a phone call from a recommended technician 20 minutes later. Later that day, the technician arrived. We brought his equipment in and he said: "I've taken out deeper scratches than these before. I immediately felt better. After about an hour, he was done and the repairs were perfect! Glass Technology and the independent technician really saved my hide on this one. I would have really taken a loss on this project if I hadn't come across the GT forum and if Adam hadn't taken the time to help me find a technician who could perform the work. Rather than take a huge loss on the project, I actually made a little money and the client is ecstatic about the table. Thank you again!

Bill G.
Georgia, USA

Just got the resins and drill bits as per my order from Fed Ex. Thank you very much for your time, trust, and for having the best customer care service on earth. Ed, may God bless you in whatever you lay yours on. Glass Technology is going places under your wings. This was a small order, but our next order will have to be five bottles more. It was pleasure working with the best!

Jodie L.

I can't thank you enough for helping me out like you did today! Not too many people would go out of their way like you did. This is the start I needed. Things have been rough and I hope this is the success that I've been looking for. If this isn't customer service, I don't know what is! I know you make more money on bigger kits, not the starter package that I ordered, and for that I am thankful. I had a gut feeling about your company from the word "go" and I know I'm with a top notch team and there is no reason to deal with anyone else. Hope to be trading up in the near future!

Mark M.
Pennsylvania, USA

I have a [competitor's name redacted] screw injection type kit; what a mistake! I wish I had initially purchased the GT kit, because the technology is so much better. I sweat bullets because I will crack out a windshield many times with my old kit. Trying to suck the air through the resin, then force the resin into the chip is very nerve-racking! The Spectrum has proven to have much better results with less stress.

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