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The Windshield Repair Market

Your windshield needs to be clear for traffic

Potential Income

The best reason for considering a windshield repair business is it is highly profitable. The typical windshield repair for the customer with insurance is a $60 fee. This service has a product cost of only about 50 cents. This represents a gross profit of $59.50 on every windshield repair performed. A business doing as few as 5 repairs a day can earn you $1500 a week. What other opportunity ­can offer that potential?

Grow Your Business

It is estimated that 5 million repairs are performed and billed thru a customers Insurance. It is also estimate that an additional 5 million repairs are done for non Insurance work. Using a $50 per repair average repair fee that represents a $500,000,000 five hundred million dollar a year market size. Fleet accounts are customers such as car dealerships, car rental companies, city state and federal vehicles, delivery vehicles, UPS, Fed-ex, etc,etc.

Insurance Companies are Your Partners

Every time you do a windshield repair for a customer you are saving your insurance company hundreds of dollars. This creates an environment whereby most insurance companies waive the policyholder deductible and the repair ends up being no charge to the customer. Some insurance companies are spending advertising dollars to let their customers know that your service exists and is highly recommended. State Farm not included