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Windshield Repair Business

Simply put, Glass Technolo­gy is the innovator w­ithin the windshield repair business market. As made evident from the bullets below, Glass Technology has many market firsts, and eventually the ­competition follows by imitating our products and windshield repair business model. ­A windshield repair business represents a unique small business opportunity; whether you are starting a small business opportunuity from home or adding the service to your existing business. Windshield repair has all the right built-in elements for success. Because of our pursuit to be the­ best, Glass Technology has become the recognized research and development leader in the windshield repair industry. In addition to producing the highest quality equipment and the best quality repairs, we are the driving force in technological advancements for your future business success. Our goal is to be first in technical advantages and to keep you as  our first priority. Some of our industry firsts include:


When you choose Glass Technology.. you choose the leader.

  • 1983 ... utilize vacuum in the repair process
  • 1984 ... machine-based technology
  • 1986 ... Long Crack Repair technology
  • 1994 ... Computerized technology (patented)
  • 1998 ... Acrylic acid free resin ( people friendly )
  • 2000... Center-water feed glass scratch removal
  • 2004... PRISM Technology (dry vac) for the best repairs posssible (patented)
  • 2005... SPECTRUM repair system using PRISM technology
  • 2007... X-Phobic and XtraBond glass repair treatments
  • 2009 ...BluWave LED UV Curing, Patented
  • 2012.... Zipline cord cut-out
  • 2013 .... Gorilla cord and Kong Dual Cutting Technology Auto glass cut out
  • 2013 .... Lil Demon reciprocating auto glass cut out tool


Windshield Repair Business is Highly Profitable

Perhaps the best reason to consider a windshield repair business is its high profitability. The typical windshield repair for a customer with insurance sells for $60 and has a product cost of about 50 cents. This represents a gross profit of $59.50 on every windshield repair performed. A business doing as few as 5 repairs a day can earn you $1500 a week. Many of our customers recoup their initial investment within the first month. What other business can offer that potential? Every time you do a windshield repair for a customer, you are saving Insurance companies hundreds of dollars. This creates an environment whereby many insurance companies waive the policyholder deductible and the repair ends up being performed at no charge to the customer. Some Insurance companies are spending millions in advertising dollars to let their customers know that your service exists and is highly recommended.

Marketplace for windshield repair

There are more than 260 million vehicles in the U.S. One out of every seven vehicles on the road has repairable windshield damage. It is estimated that over ten million repairs were performed in 2009. In fact, today you are more likely to get a rock chip in your windshield than you are a flat tire. Repairing as few as 5 windshields a day 5 days a week can earn you over $ 50,000 annually.


Windshield repair is easy to learn

All of our systems are designed to allow the technology to do the repair for you. Not requiring months of practice and experience, we let the product do the work for you. Glass Technology has been offering windshield repair opportunities since 1984. During this time we have become the most technically advanced and innovative company in the windshield repair business with thousands of dealers in over 40 countries worldwide. We are the standard by which all others are measured. This is evident by the fact our competition will tell you our technology and innovations are unnecessary. Why would they say this? It is because they either don't want to update their products or simply can't.


Windshield Repair Training, Support and Certification

Glass Technology has a staff of trained technical specialists available to help you meet all of your technical needs. This access to assistance is only a phone call away, whether you are an experienced technician facing a unique challenge or a new dealer just learning the basics of windshield repair.Our technicians provide assistance on every aspect of glass restoration.


Windshield Repair is Green

Windshield Repair and Glass Scratch Removal save energy and natural resources and are the best alternatives to replacement. Click here for more information about glass repair vs replacement.