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Windshield Repair Questions

How much can I charge for a repair?

While the fee for a repair may vary across the nation retail prices vary from cash fee $45 to $100 and the fee for a Insurance related job is approximately $55-65. Some technicians discount to wholesale volume customers such as fleet account.

Is it difficult to learn and how long does it take to do a repair?

While WSR is not a difficult skill to learn it does require some training and practice to perfect those skills. GT highly recommends training to industry recognized standards such as ROLAGS. Using GT technology a average repair time is 15 minutes. While some repairs may take less, one must consider set-up and clean-up time. Long Crack repair will take longer and requires more practice.

Everyone says their system is the best, how do I know which system is really the best?

Good Question. This is a difficult task since you must sift thru the marketing fluff. Our suggestion is to consider the design or technology being used, is it the same design or technology that started windshield repair 30 years ago? If so, that should tip you off, if a company is not improving their design every few years chances are they are using an obsolete design like simple screw injection. Dry Vacuum is proven to be more effective and producing consistant & faster results. Remember cheaper is very seldom better.

Why do you need a vacuum to do a good repair?

The best method for removing air out of the damaged?repair area is to do so prior to introducting resin into the?stone damage. ?Only companies that do not have a vacuum designed into their injector will say they can displace the air using pressure. There is no scientific proof that is possible.

Why is BSI tested resin important?

Because the resin is what holds the glass damage together and restores the clarity to the glass. Using a sub-standard resin will only produce sub-standard results. Also using a inferior product can result in repair failure.

How long of a crack can be repaired?

Using the right tools, resins, and method, cracks can be repaired up to 14 inches while maintaining the integrity of the windshield.

Is a repaired windshield safe?

Yes, there has been no evidence that a properly repaired windshield has ever caused an accident or resulted in bodily injury. It is also known that saving the original factory windshield improves the safety of the driver. The factory windshield accounts for 10-20% of the structual integrity of the vehicle. IF a windshield is improperly installed this can pose serious problem in case of a roll over accident.