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Windshield Removal Tool Kit - Basic

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GT Tools(TM) Basic auto glass tool kit offers a great package at a great price. These auto glass tools offer the specialist the essential items needed for auto glass removal. This set is perfect for a specialist looking to invest in a quality set of tools that they can expand upon later.

1 AGLKA-18 (18” Long Knife)
1 AGHPS (Hook Pick Set)
1 AGRT (Rope Insertion Tool)
1 AGPK-A-L (Cold Knife Long Handle)
1 RGT2 (Rubber Gasket Tool)
1 AGMRT (Rear View Mirror Removal Tool)
1 AGFMRT (Ford Rear View Mirror Removal Tool)
1 AGMR1 (Molding Release Tool Double End)
1 AGMR2 (Molding Release Tool Double Direction)
1 AGMR3 (Molding Release Tool)
1 AGWT1 (Wiper Removal Tool)
1 AGPWS-RZR (Pinchweld Razor Scraper)
1 AGPWSB-RZR-.5 (Pinchweld Razor .50” 10 Pk)
1 AGPWSB-RZR-.625 (Pinchweld Razor .625” 10 Pk)
1 AGPWSB-RZR-.75 (Pinchweld Razor .75” 10 Pk)
1 AGLST (Locking Strip Tool)
1 RGT1 (Rubber Gasket Tool)
1 HT1 (Narrow Nose Hook Tool)
1 AGPKB-.75IN (.75” Cold Knife Blades 5 Pk)
1 AGPKB-.1IN (1” Cold Knife Blades 5 Pk)
1 AGPKB-.1.5IN (1.5” Cold Knife Blades 5 Pk)
1 AGS (Auto Glass Rack)
1 AGCG-18V-LI (Milwaukee Urethane Gun)
1 GTAPRON (GT Apron)
2 AGCS (Chisel Sticks)

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