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Outfitting a shop with the auto glass tools needed to get started off on the right foot is our specialty. While we have some pre-made handpicked package options available, we wanted to give you the opportunity to choose the specific tools you need for your situation and offer you the same kit discounts as our pre-made packages. Take 5 minutes and let us walk you through choosing all the essential items needed for the removal, prep, and installation of windshields/windscreens, quarter glasses, and back glasses. Feel free to call or live chat with us if you have any questions along the way!

Pre-Defined Package Options

We don’t require you to choose one of these, but give you these options as suggestions based on what types of vehicles you plan to work on. Once you make a choice, you can definitely adjust the individual tools you want below. Or you can just scroll down and start picking the specific tools you want in your kit!

Reciprocating Power Tools

GT Tools® reciprocating tools have been a staple for high volume, high output shops around the world. These tools offer quick cutting in easily accessible areas of the windshield to make the removal process that much more efficient. We recommend one of our (4) options below:

GT.38™ Special - 20V Dewalt-Based, Compact Ergonomic Profile  

Beast™ - 18V Milwaukee Based, Brushless with Extra Power

GT.44™ - 20V Dewalt-Based, Long Reach for Deep Dashes

Diablo™ - 18V Milwaukee Based, Lightweight and Ergonomic

Caulking Guns

Distributing the correct amount of urethane onto the pinchweld of a vehicle is critical to the seal and adhesion of the glass to the body. GT Tools® has hand selected the best power and hand operated caulking guns available for their intended purpose. Pick one of our (4) options below:

Milwaukee 18V, 10oz. Cartridge-Style - 950 lb push force, Lightweight with great balance

Dewalt 20V, 10oz. Cartridge-Style - 900 lb push force, Variable speed trigger & anti-drip

Milwaukee 18V, 20oz. Sausage-Style - 950 lb push force, Larger capacity to eliminate seams

Dewalt 20V, 20oz. Sausage-Style - 900 lb push force, Larger capacity to eliminate seams

Glass Handling Suction Cups

GT Tools® offers a wide range of glass suction cup options for standard windshields, heavy RV lifting, and even Flat Glass. These suction cups have been designed for flat surface applications as well as curved surface applications. We recommend a set of cups or (2) individual cups.

6 Inch Stick-Style Vacuum Suction Cup - 75lb capacity, curved profile, most popular cup

8 Inch Vacuum Suction Cup - 200lb capacity, curved profile, great for RV & larger windshields

Hand Tools

Auto Glass Replacement requires specialty hand tools for cutting, pinchweld prep, clip removal,  and panel manipulation. We recommend at least the base package of hand tools below for most applications and the premium hand tool add-on for more efficiency. Choose one or both below: 

Base Hand Tool Package - Pinchweld Prep, Clip & Molding Removal, Cold Knives, Wiper & Mirror Removal, Rope-in Gaskets, Basic Hook Tools

Add-on Premium Hand Tools - Urethane Notch Cutter, Molding Cutter, Premium Panel & Door Tools, Specialty Hook Tools

Cord & Wire Glass Removal System

GT Tools® has been at the forefront of tool innovation for the auto glass industry, especially in the field of cord and wire cutting. Choose from a variety of tools that effectively remove glass with very low impact to the vehicle & technician, reducing both potential damage to the car body and wear and tear on technicians’ joints. Choose one of the systems below:

FinalCut™ Auto Glass Removal System - Versatile, Compact system for Windshield, Quarter Glass & Back Glass Removal, 6” Cup

KONG™ Auto Glass Removal System - Single-position system ideal for Windshields, 8” Cup

Glass Racks & Stands

Windshield installation and storage devices are important in preventing damage to glass prior to and throughout the installation process. GT Tools® has a variety of racking options. We recommend choosing the Adjustable Windshield Stand and (1) of the Glass Storage Racks:

Adjustable Windshield Stand - Portable 500lb capacity, used during all installations

5-Slot Glass Rack - Holds 5 pieces of glass, 22” padded posts, locking hinges, rubber base

9-Slot Glass Rack - Holds 9 pieces of glass, 22” padded posts, locking hinges, rubber base

14-Slot Glass Rack -  Holds 14 pieces of glass, 22” padded posts, locking hinges, rubber base

Quarter Glass Removal Tools

Body Shop R&I work calls for tools to quickly remove quarter & roof glasses. GT Tools quick blade-change quarter glass tools slide easily between the glass & pinchweld to remove quarter glasses in under 90 seconds. We recommend choosing at least (2) of the options below to start:

Quarter Cutter - 35” long extended reach, Power Handle, Tapered tip, Tool-free blade change 

Middle Cutter - 25” long standard reach, Power Handle, Tapered tip, Tool-free blade change 

Shorter Cutter - 18” long tight reach, Power Handle, Tapered tip, Tool-free blade change

Single Technician Glass Setting System

The Lil-BUDDY™ PRO1 Heavy Duty auto glass installation tool provides a single technician the ability to extract and replace windshields and back glass quickly and safely on most vehicles, heavy duty auto glass included. Simple to set up and easy to use, this is a necessary tool for your kit if you plan to install glass without a helper.


While all of the items you chose from the groups above are what we would consider necessities for auto glass replacement & installation, the accessories below are not required, but are definitely nice to have when you need them. 

Cowling Clip Set - Master pack of the top 10 cowling clips needed for cowl installation.

Auto Glass Leak Detector - Detect possible leaks after glass installation. Great to CYA!

Glass Saver Scratch Removal System - Quickly remove minor scratches & eliminate delays

Defroster Tab Repair Kit - OEM solution to repair and bond broken defroster tabs
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