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Windshield Repair is Green

Glass Technology, Inc. along with a growing number of companies worldwide is recognizing we need to be responsible with our resources. We also recognize the need to educate each other about ways we can all contribute to a growing effort to help slow the effects of global climate changes. We believe that companies and large corporations can have the most impact on this global problem. Waiting on any government to take action could be a long wait. Therefore we are trying to promote the benefits of repairing a windshield vs simply discarding it when it could possibly be repaired. Below are some interesting facts.

Restoration Businesses Making a Difference

Being in the restoration business we have a unique opportunity to restore materials thereby conserving resources and energy. Educating people and business partners about these benefits is part of our company's effort to make a difference, beside the simple fact that repairing a windshield is the sensible thing to do.

Repair vs. Replacement : True Costs?

Millions of tons of glass and windshields are dumped in landfills each year. Approximately 11-12 million windshields are replaced in the US alone each year. Many of those windshields could have been repaired. It is estimated that as much as 39% of all windshields have stone damage, but only a fraction are being repaired. Repairing a windshield uses almost no energy when compared to the amount of energy it takes to manufacturer and install a new windshield. It takes about 250,000 btu's to manufacturer a 30 pound windshield.

International Industrialization

Regions all over the world, such as Latin America and Asia are experiencing rapid industrialization, resulting in a sharp rise in global energy consumption. Throughout time there has never been a more pressing need for everyone, all over the globe, to make wise resource choices. By engaging in and encouraging sound business practices like windshield restoration rather than replacement, we can all make a significant impact on resource usage on a global scale.

Choose Wisely

We believe Insurance companies should continue to offer incentives for customers willing to repair and conserve instead of needlessly promoting replacing a windshield. A few insurance companies such as State Farm have dropped the waiver for repair. This is clearly a step in the wrong direction. This is encouraging waste and consuming energy needlessly. Why make such a move when preventing greenhouse gases is more important then ever? We support those insurance companies that continue to encourage their customers to repair when possible. Ask your insurance company if they waive your deductible if you elect to repair and save both the environment and your dollars.