KONG™ Auto Glass Cut Out Tool
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KONG™ Auto Glass Cut Out Tool
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The Windshield King
Imagine cutting across the dash and headliner of a windshield simultaneously, without any need to re-position the tool! Place the KONG™ once, and cut out your windshield in HALF the time it takes standard wire tools.

Precision Machined Dual Cutting
The KONG™ tool body is precision machined out of 6061 aluminum with two offset ergonomic pulleys for dual cutting. Imagine cutting the urethane across the dash and headliner of a windshield simultaneously; this was impossible until the introduction of the KONG™!

One Position, One Cut
The KONG™ is easy to use, there is no need for additional pulleys or equipment to be attached to the interior of the windshield. With its dual cutting technology, a specialist can cut the windshield out in half the time of standard wire cutting methods from one position.

Locking Back Drive
If we haven’t exhausted our resources enough, the KONG™ also features a locking back drive that prevents the cord from releasing or slipping under tension during use.

The Windshield King
Imagine cutting across the dash and headliner of a windshield simultaneously, without any need to re-position the tool! Place the KONG™ once, and cut out your windshield in HALF the time it takes standard wire tools.

  • Ideal for no molding vehicles.
  • Perfect for aluminum vehicle frames including imports and the new Ford F150.

Kit includes: 

1 TCS-SM Small Case
1 AGWC-K KONGTM Winding Assembly
1 AGWC-T T-Handle
1 AGWC-S Small Guide Shield
1 AGWC-SS Large Guide Shield
1 GC250 Gorilla Cord 250’
1 ZL300 ZipLine 300’
1 AGWC-GL Guide Leash
1 MANUAL Instruction Manual/ Training Link/ Catalog

KONG™ Tool Introduction Video

KONG™ Training Video

KONG™ Technical Brochure (2.6 MB)

KONG™ Auto Glass Cutting Tool Technical Brochure

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Ask a Question
  • can this tool be used to remove residetial picture window glass

    Hi Rick, 

    Please give us a call at the office 970-247-9374 so that we can get a bit more information and suggest the ideal solution for your situation. Thanks!

  • Do you have technicians that can come out and demonstrate this product? we are looking to invest in this product.

    Thank you for the question! We do not have Specialists that travel the country for demonstration. However, we can and do schedule online training almost every day to explain and teach the process of using any of our tools. If your interest in the KONG, we can get a live presentation set up for you. Just reach out to us at 970 247 9374 and we will be happy get you set up!
    GT Tools Team

  • I would like to get our cost on the Kong tool. Abra Auto Body & Glass- Denver.


    Thanks for youe question. What is a good number for us to call you about your KONG inquiry?

    GT Tools Team

  • With this tool run wire as well as cord?.... and is the vacuum pump rebuildable if it ever needs to be?... and is rubber vacuum cup replaceable they can begin to slip?

    Thank you for your questions. We recommend primarily using cord with the Kong. However, wire can also be used. The pump and suction cup along with all other items on the KONG are servicable through GT Tools. We hope this helps!

    GT Tools Team.

  • As far as the three corded models, what one would be the best for all round front screen removal. So you have any agents in NZ or Australia?

    Hey Mark, thanks for asking. If you're only doing front screen removal, the Kong is your best bet. Its large 8" platform and the ability to cut in two directions at once essentially cuts your removal time in half. You only have to position the tool once. However, this large platform is difficult to use on back glass or quarter glasses if you're removing any of those. If you're removing mostly front windscreens and back glass, the ShortCut is the ideal tool. Same 8" platform as the Kong, but with an offset angled body that allows you to get into corners of the back glass better. If you are removing a fair amount of quarter glasses as well, the FinalCut is the most well-rounded tool. A smaller 6" platform allows you to get into tighter spaces, but still retains all the same technical benefits of the ShortCut. We have a distributor in Australia that brings in product as needed. I'd be happy to put you in touch - send an email to pc@gtglass.com or give us a call at the office 970-247-9374.

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