Online Training

Online Training

When it’s difficult to travel, GT Tools® online training is a perfect option. GT Tools® gives you the most flexibility and the online training options underscores this point. Online training sessions allow you to pick a date and a time that is convenient for you to attend a 1 hour individualized session with a GT Tools® specialist. A live visual feed and audio will allow you to interact with the GT Tools® specialist as they walk you through an individualized training agenda highlighting all your questions. Not only is this effective, but it’s the next best thing to hands-on training!

Online Requirements 

In order to participate in a GT Tools® online training session you will need a reliable connection to the internet as well as a computer. We’re looking forward to fine tuning your skills! We recommend the following download speeds:

On WiFi Network - 1 Mbps or better (broadband recommended)

On Mobile Network - 3G connection or better (WiFi recommended for VoIP audio)

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