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DIY Glass Scratch Removal Products

Glass Scratch Repair & Hard Water Stain Remover

Remove that problematic glass scratch without the extensive costs of replacement. Repair minor glass scratches and hard water stains on most glass surfaces (auto glass, furniture, windows, shower doors, etc.). New technology allows even a do-it-yourself person to remove glass scratches and hard water stains.

Glass Scratch Repair - How it Works

Here is how it works, first clean the glass then depending on the depth of the scratch, or severity of the water stains, the appropriate micro-replicating disc is selected and the damage is removed, much like you would with a scratched piece of wood. A second micro-replication disc is used and the entire area is polished until the clarity of the glass begins to return to its original finish. A special polishing disc is then used, covering the entire area until the glass is totally clear and the scratch is removed. All that is needed is a variable speed Drill or Polisher. To order, Item #DIY-SM for Scratch Magic™ $39 available in 3" and 5"  in different packages depending the the extent of the damage.(drill not included)

Hard Water Stain Remover

With Diamond Clear Glass Renew, hard water stains, lime scale and mineral deposits can all be removed from windows, shower doors and most glass surfaces. Designed for home use to be easy and effective. Chemicals and household cleaners will not remove this type of damage even with repeated use. Diamond Clear Glass Renew can restore your glass to new-like clarity. Home use drill needed. Includes a glass hydrophobic treatment to keep your glass shower looking new. Item # DIY-GR for Diamond Clear Glass Renew™ $30, for all water stained glass.

DIY Glass Scratch Removal

Like to get it done yourself? Our glass scratch removal kits are easy to use and leave you with a professional finish

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