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International Distribution Opportunities

The International economy has been accelerating at a tremendous rate and demand for GT Tools® distribution opportunities has been increasing. International automotive markets are developing at a rapid pace and transportation is becoming a worldwide necessity. Over the next 8 years the global automobile and truck population is estimated to exceed 2 billion, that's almost a 100% increase since 2010. With GT Tools® you are positioned to enter your country as the leader. You could be representing the world's most technologically advanced windshield repair, glass replacement, and glass scratch removal systems and supplies.

Here's a visual of projected global transport growth over the next 25 years:

Global Automotive Market

Distribution Options:

We offer two types of distributorship:

  1. The exclusive distributorship is designed for those who wish to enter the lucrative windshield repair, auto glass replacement, or scratch removal business in a specific country and receive exclusivity.

  2. The non-exclusive distributorship is designed for those who wish to market our products to others who wish to enter the lucrative windshield repair, auto glass replacement, or scratch removal business.


GT Tools® distributorships offer opportunities to develop a dynamic and flexible supplier relationship that will allow you to be successful­. Choices are important, that's why GT Tools® has equipped you with an extensive product line to meet customer demands and budgets. As you develop your distribution network you can rest assured that GT Tools® will continue to lead the industry in advancements focusing on maintaining ours and our distributors position as the leader in the glass restoration industry.

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