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Glass Scratch Removal Market Potential

Almost every residential and commercial project has sustained some type of glass damage by the end of the construction phase. 

This leaves a huge opportunity for glass scratch removal entrepreneurs and specialists to grow their business. Though the vast majority of tempered glass repair jobs come from the commercial sector, the Domestic US residential market is growing rapidly to the tune of a 50.3% increase in yearly new home starts since 2012. With that growth comes the need to repair large picture windows, sky lights, glass doors, and interior architectural glass features. 

Commercial Market

The US Commercial Building construction market in 2016 tipped the scales at $386 billion and is expected to crest $400 billion in 2017. Of this total, it is estimated that 8.46% of total building costs can be attributed to Glass and Glazing. 

That 8.46% puts the Commercial Glass market at $33.8 billion yearly. GT Tools® market research estimates that, on the low end, 10% of this glass will need to be repaired or replaced at some point, leaving you with a $3.38 billion market segment. 

Typically, Glass Scratch Repair Specialists are able to charge 30-50% of the cost of replacement for a repair job, which leaves you with a $1.01 billion to $1.69 billion annual market for glass scratch repair. 

You saw that correctly; The annual commercial glass scratch removal market in the US is estimated to be between $1.01 and $1.69 billion without even scratching the Residential market. This market can be yours for the taking. 

Residential Market

The National Association of Home builders estimated 1.17 million new homes were started in 2016, up 50.3% from the 0.781 million new starts in 2012. The residential market is exploding, opening a huge opportunity for glass scratch repair professionals.

Residential Glass demand in 2017 is expected to be roughly 51 million units. At an average window size of 8 SF (24" x 48"), 408 million SF of residential glass is going to be installed in 2017. 

GT Tools® estimates that 15% of the total residential glass market is taken up by higher-end, expensive repairable glass (large picture windows, sky lights, glass doors, and interior architectural glass features) putting the repairable market at 61.2 million SF of glass yearly. 

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