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Windshield Repair Advantage with GT Tools®

GT Tools® Windshield Repair Advantage

GT Tools® has always been driven to produce innovative solutions that solve the problems facing the windshield repair industry. Established in 1984, GT Tools® produced the industry’s first automated windshield repair tool, revolutionizing the industry and changing perceptions as to what is possible when repairing windshields. The same problem-solving motivations that created the company in 1984 continue today.

From GT Tools® introduction in 1984, we have continued to push the envelope in creating true innovations that provide real solutions to our customers. Below are a list of industry firsts that have elevated our industry and our customers:

  • In 1986, GT Tools® answered the call by developing a solution for repairing long cracks which expanded the capabilities of the windshield repair industry.

  • In 1995, GT tools® created the industry’s first low acrylic acid resin compounds to give the windshield repair industry a more user friendly product. In addition, GT Tools® further enhanced the Diamond Clear windshield repair resin line by engineering UV inhibitors that eliminated unwanted discoloration and dramatically reduced windshield repair failures.

  • In 1994, GT Tools® patented the world first automated windshield repair system.

  • Another industry first was created in 2000, with the introduction of GT Tools® Maxim™ windshield repair system, offering the strongest vacuum and precision driven pressure capabilities that are still unmatched today.

  • In 2005, GT Tools® changed the industry by engineering a new windshield repair injector that incorporates a Pre Resin Injection Suspension Method (PRISM) technology, allowing for a faster a more complete fill of the repair. This technology is now standard in GT Tools® Maxim and Spectrum windshield repair tools.

  • In 2009, GT Tools® introduced UV LED curing technology into windshield repair. This technology was built into the windshield repair device, which was another industry first. Incorporating this technology allowed users of GT Tools® to cure the repair while the tool was holding resin in the break under pressure, resulting in the term “curing under pressure” that is commonly used. This technology is now incorporated into GT Tools® Maxim and Spectrum windshield repair tools.

We are excited you are considering GT Tools® for your windshield repair needs and you can rest assured you are partnering with the industry leader.

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