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Scratch Removal Advantage with GT Tools®

GT Tools® Glass Scratch Removal Advantage

GT Tools® began producing glass scratch removal solutions for the auto glass and architectural flat glass industries in 1989. Since then every aspect associated with glass scratch removal and restoration has changed and GT Tools® has led the charge.

Our solutions to glass scratch removal have come a long way over the years. Take a look at why GT Tools® is your number one source for your glass scratch removal and restoration needs.

  • In 1989, GT Tools® introduced the first compact glass polishing system that allowed for the ability to repair glass scratching in shop or out in the field.

  • In 2000, GT Tools® developed the Scratch Hog™, the industry most versatile glass restoration system that removed heavy as well as light scratching damage from tempered, laminated, heat treated and annealed glass materials. The Scratch Hog™ also worked for removing staining and corrosion for glass surfaces. Being that the system was completely portable a specialist could repair the damage at the source.

  • In 2010, GT Tools® pushed the limits of glass restoration by introducing the Heavy Duty Scratch Hog™ system. To further expand on glass restoration capabilities, GT Tools® added the Heavy Duty Scratch Hog™ to allow for heavy graffiti damage to be removed from glass surfaces over larger areas. With the introduction of this solution GT Tools® has been unmatched in the industry glass restoration capabilities.

  • In 2012 GT Tools®, became a major supplier of the raw materials used for glass polishing glass surfaces. Many glass polishing materials and additives currently used in the glass and optics industries are supplied by GT Tools®.

We are excited you are considering GT Tools® for your glass restoration needs and you can rest assured you are partnering with the industry leader.

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