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Marketing Your New Plastic Restoration Business

Smart marketing ensures the success of your business by attracting more customers, and keeping them coming back. Below are 6 ideas to help you get, and keep, your first 50 customers.

Know your Market

Figure out who your ideal customers are and where they spend the most time online and offline.

Create buyer personas to get a better grasp of your target customer. Here is a great resource for determining buyer personas.

Set up an online presence

Build an easy-to-find website that gives your customers all of the information they need to take action. Whether you are using Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, LinkedIn, or other acquisition channels, you must be able to drive those customers to information and a clear call to action on your website.

Utilize Social Media and Online Listings

Social media is ubiquitous and it is likely that your customers will be spending significant time on one of the social platforms. Create Facebook, Google, and Yelp Business pages and ask all of your customers to leave reviews of their experience. Budget some money to advertise on these platforms and reach customers in your target segments. How many times have you purchased a product after seeing they had fifty 5-star reviews? Social proof truly drives sales; use it to your advantage.

Partner with other Businesses

When you are a small business with a limited marketing budget, it makes sense to partner with other complementary businesses. These can include manufacturers, suppliers and vendors. Not only do you both win when your businesses succeed, but you gain additional credibility when another business recommends you.

Start Local

Beginning with your target customers, figure out what makes them buy, refer friends, and come back for repeat business. Utilize Google’s local search ads to show up first in local searches for your services. Put your logo and messaging on water bottles, then give them out to the apartment complex managers in your area. Become an expert on your local target group and then grow your audience gradually.

Ensure Repeat Business

Once you have gained your customers, keep them! Your biggest assets are your current customers, so make a significant effort to give them a reason to keep buying from you. Utilize reward programs, discounts for repeat purchases, and other creative ideas to keep your customers coming back for more.

GT Tools® Marketing Support

GT Tools® can help with all your marketing needs. Our creative team can customize a package that is right for you. Whether you need branding created, custom copy or artwork, we are ready and willing to get things kicked off right. Pick from our existing artwork with your branding or let us help you create your marketing collateral from scratch. Our trained professionals can help you make your business relay the right message to the right clients!

You are ready to go out and get your customers, now how do you service them? Check out our next article below to figure out which tools are needed to start a Plastic Restoration business: 

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